Bold statement, but it’s true. You take a bite and it’s like heaven. You feel bliss and joy and the explosion of flavor in your mouth is almost uncanny.

I first found out about Laderach while I was in Seoul, South Korea, in 2012.  I went to a financial district mall with a dear and super elegant korean friend of mine and she said, “let’s have coffee here and I’ll get you some chocolate to take home.”

I was thinking, “If she’s gifting me chocolate to take home after having coffee, it must be special.”

And, OMG, it was FANTASTIC. A single, humble bite is so precious, you’ll want all your taste buds to be active and hypersensitive, in order for you to savor every single NANOmeter of it.

Anyway, after moving back to LA, I found it very hard to find this chocolate. No stores carried it, with the exception of one place in NYC. I tried Amazon because, you know, they have everything, and surprisingly, it was a no-go.

I was sad and only dreaming of this chocolate. Also, I’m at that age in which I choose to only eat extra delicious calories when it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it. Well, except when I consume a lot of alcohol – then anything is game. So, I decided to browse through their Swiss-based website and did a quick trial and error test in attempting to order internationally. I used PayPal and had this immediate urge to cancel because I wasn’t sure what the extra costs would be when the chocolate arrived here. It was too much work to cancel, so I just decided to wait.

My anxiety did not allow me to chill while waiting, so I checked the tracking every day, morning, afternoon and night. LOL. I know it’s crazy, but this chocolate is worth all of this.

A few weeks later…


This is the video of me opening the package:

If only you could try this vicariously via these next photos…


The package,


And the carefully wrapped chocolate bars, which were pristine.

Honey Milk Chocolate (back)
Honey Milk Chocolate (front)
Raspberry-Blackberry White Chocolate
Glacier Smooth and Creamy White Chocolate
Rocher. Generous quantities of roasted almond flakes in Swiss milk chocolate.

There are MANY more flavors to try!!!

Visit their website:

And if you order, they will come.

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