The Battle of Winterfell and the Decline to the Finale

Or at least it’s how I saw it.

The Long Night was an incredible experience. A show/movie has never been as rewarding as waiting for nine years to reach this coveted moment. Yes, it was on the nose and we all knew what would happen to some characters – but it was also everything I longed to see.

I was fulfilled the Battle of Winterfell and I’m still dreaming of it.

Perhaps all the season’s budget went towards this third episode. The show hit its peak and the denouement suffered serious decline in plot, pace, and production value. It would probably be more satisfying if the series ended with The Battle of Winterfell, followed by Dany and Jon marrying and taking the throne, and leave that as the premise to the movie sequel or spin-offs. The show runners could’ve also enthused hardcore fans by fulfilling all theories and prophecies that roam through the web.

I imagined an alternate ending for the last three episodes of the final season to rescue back my cult following of the greatest show ever (until the second half of the last season).

It’s just a thought:

4th Episode, Season 8

Dany tries to “dracarys” both Jon and Tyrion for their betrayal, and the revelation that they are both Targaryen is witnessed by all when they don’t burn. We all knew about Jon, but Tyrion left a few easter eggs behind which never really concluded into anything. First, his mother died giving birth to him just like Jon and Dany. Second, he was the only other person who touched a dragon, and if the dragon has three heads, you could consider Tyrion the third.

If Tyrion is, in fact, the third Targaryen, he has the right to claim the throne over Dany and Jon because he would be Dany’s older brother.

Sansa and Tyrion are technically still married. They never officially divorced, so her marriage to Ramsay should’ve been annulled.

If Tyrion takes the throne, Sansa is Queen.

As King and Queen of the Seven Realms, they put Cersei on trial for her treason and she demands a trial by combat.

They care for each other, whether they die or survive.

Sansa and Tyrion in Crypts

5th Episode, Season 8

The Clegane Bowl theory is ignited.

The Mountain fights for Cersei and the Hound volunteers to fight against him. They commence their brutal combat. They die fighting each other and fall into the flames.

Dany’s wrath culminates into the massive destruction of the iron fleet and King’s landing. Jon is fighting the front lines asking the Unsullied and Dothraki to fall back. Arya is trying to remain alive beneath Dany’s rage. Yara and Euron kill each other. The Red Keep begins to fall apart and everyone runs for shelter. Jamie takes Cersei down to the cellars.

Cersei and Jamie are buried under the fallen kingdom.

Brienne is sad to see Jamie go with Cersei, but her loyalty is her priority, so she saves Sansa and Tyrion by shielding them from falling rocks.

6th Episode, Season 8, Finale

The city is destroyed. Dany walks to the throne as seen in her visions, in Season 2, at the House of the Undying.

Jon shows up and they look into each others eyes with love, even though he wasn’t happy about what Dany had done. They exchange a passionate kiss and Dany is stabbed from behind by Arya (the new Queen Slayer of a Mad Targaryen). Drogon shrieks but stands behind Jon. Jon cries over Dany but understands it had to be done and forgives Arya.

Tyrion and Sansa return to Winterfell as King and Queen of the North. Since Dany is gone, Missandei and Greyworm flee to Naath as they always planned. Jon leaves Drogon in Winterfell to protect his family, but ends up heading North with Ghost and the Free Folk.

Bran tells Arya to go west of Westeros so she doesn’t get sentenced for killing Dany. She is reunited with Nymiria on the path to her sailboat. She is wearing many different faces.

A new counsel is formed. Varys is alive (that incident with Dany roasting him never happened) and is serving the new King and Queen along with Bran, Brienne, Sam and Gendry. Gilly and little Sam are living in Winterfell, as well. Brienne writes about Jamie in the hand book.

Bran continues to warg but seems to be having some glitches. In a split second, Bran’s eyes turn blue and quickly go back to white (the never-ending hooks to all plots these days).

*The End – with many hooks for sequels, prequels, spinoffs, animated series, merch, theme park ride, etc.*

The Battle of Winterfell:
I painted my dream.

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