Paradise in Brazil: not a Beach, nor a Rainforest!

One of my two favorite places in Brazil, located in the best state for leisure travel – Bahia.

Most people think of Brazil as a travel destination of either beaches or jungle, and very few realize that National Parks are as equally paradisiacal .

“Chapada” means an area of steep cliffs, typically at the edge of a plateau. “Diamantina” refers to the diamonds that were found in the range in the mid-19th century. – taken straight from Wikipedia.

The photos were taken in April 2014 and my phone was a Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Chapada DiamantinaChapada Diamantina-274Chapada Diamantina-273Chapada Diamantina-272Chapada Diamantina-271Chapada Diamantina-270Chapada Diamantina-269Chapada Diamantina-268Chapada Diamantina-267Chapada Diamantina-266Chapada Diamantina-265Chapada Diamantina-264Chapada Diamantina-263Chapada Diamantina-262Chapada Diamantina-261Chapada Diamantina-260Chapada Diamantina-259Chapada Diamantina-258Chapada Diamantina-257Chapada Diamantina-256Chapada Diamantina-255Chapada Diamantina-254Chapada Diamantina-253Chapada Diamantina-252Chapada Diamantina-251Chapada Diamantina-250Chapada Diamantina-249Chapada Diamantina-248Chapada Diamantina-247Chapada Diamantina-246Chapada Diamantina-245Chapada Diamantina-244Chapada Diamantina-243Chapada Diamantina-242Chapada Diamantina-241Chapada Diamantina-240Chapada Diamantina-239Chapada Diamantina-238Chapada Diamantina-237Chapada Diamantina-236Chapada Diamantina-235Chapada Diamantina-234Chapada Diamantina-233Chapada Diamantina-232Chapada Diamantina-231Chapada 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Diamantina-140Chapada Diamantina-139Chapada Diamantina-138Chapada Diamantina-137Chapada Diamantina-136Chapada Diamantina-135Chapada Diamantina-134Chapada Diamantina-133Chapada Diamantina-132Chapada Diamantina-131Chapada Diamantina-130Chapada Diamantina-129Chapada Diamantina-128Chapada Diamantina-127Chapada Diamantina-126Chapada Diamantina-125Chapada Diamantina-124Chapada Diamantina-123Chapada Diamantina-122Chapada Diamantina-121Chapada Diamantina-120Chapada Diamantina-119Chapada Diamantina-118Chapada Diamantina-117Chapada Diamantina-116Chapada Diamantina-115Chapada Diamantina-114Chapada Diamantina-113Chapada Diamantina-112Chapada Diamantina-111Chapada Diamantina-110Chapada Diamantina-109Chapada Diamantina-108Chapada Diamantina-107Chapada Diamantina-106Chapada Diamantina-105Chapada Diamantina-104Chapada Diamantina-103Chapada Diamantina-102Chapada Diamantina-101Chapada Diamantina-100Chapada Diamantina-99Chapada Diamantina-98Chapada Diamantina-97Chapada Diamantina-96Chapada 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Flying First Class with Korean Air!

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel First Class in one of the best airline companies in the world?

So, in mid-2016, I had a flight from Los Angeles to São Paulo that I had reserved with my Skypass Mileage for 30K. I needed to change the dates on my return flight and was desperate because the day I needed had NO COACH, nor business options with mileage.

I had one day to resolve this, since I wanted to leave the NEXT day, and I had no time to panic. I thought to myself, “hmm, it’s Korean Air’s last couple of months before they terminate their flights from LAX>GRU and if everyone automatically assumes that the next step up is upgrading to Business Class, who’s thinking of First Class?” Setting millionaires and billionaires aside, I think most people have the habit of doing things methodically. Hence, I went straight for the gold – I looked up the mileage for flying First class and its availability, and I hit the jackpot!

Conclusion: I rounded up extra mileage from my parents and my brother(you can share mileage for free with immediate family members), called Korean Air Customer Service to cancel my flight to get my 30K mileage back, and with 70K I flew FIRST CLASS in a 12 hour flight from LA to São Paulo. *They not only gave me 30K miles back from my canceled reservation, they also refunded all the airport taxes and fees. Wow.

Let me please emphasize on the fact that Korean Air has the BEST SERVICE out of all airline companies in the world. Some people say Asiana, others say Emirates, but I say KOREAN!

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Here are some photos of my First Class Journey:

Let’s start with the Lounge.

I must say, it must be very lonely to be so rich and privileged – I had the ENTIRE Lounge to myself. Literally.

2016-07-01 14.06.112016-07-01 14.06.232016-07-01 14.06.272016-07-01 14.10.25

You see the other side? That’s the already fancy lounge for frequent flyers.

2016-07-01 14.12.14-1

And, this is me with my humble suitcase and bag, alone on the North side of the Wall.

2016-07-01 14.12.32-1

After cutting ALL lines and being treated like a Rock Star(seriously, people thought I was someone important, lol), I boarded the aircraft and took my seat at 1A. #1A #KoreanAir

Perrier, Bose Headphones, Pajamas, Luxury Cosmetic Goods, and a LOT of space and privacy.

2016-07-01 16.16.50-1

This is the most I saw: another passenger in our 6 seat cabin, and only because I moved forward to snap this photo without him noticing!

2016-07-01 16.18.47-1

I never saw him again…

2016-07-01 16.19.24

The window seemed bigger.

And it was the first time I ever saw and realized that there was a guy outside guiding the pilots for take-off(I’m usually at the tail-end, so obviously that’s why).

2016-07-01 16.44.44

It’s like riding a rollercoaster in front, lol. You get a much better view.

2016-07-01 17.06.36

And the Gastrono-ME begins!!!

2016-07-01 17.34.462016-07-01 17.41.19-12016-07-01 17.41.33-12016-07-01 17.43.26-12016-07-01 17.48.142016-07-01 17.51.252016-07-01 18.06.46-12016-07-01 18.10.07-12016-07-01 18.10.202016-07-01 18.10.28-12016-07-01 18.10.402016-07-01 18.36.42-1

After this, I was offered fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and many other options of food, but at this point, my belly was exploding and the buttons on my jeans were beginning to pop.

I went to the restroom to put on the pajamas they gave me, and my personal K-pop Star, Model-looking Flight attendant said, “May I prepare your bed for you to sleep?”

I was like, “Whaaaa??? It’s already 180 degrees and I thought it wouldn’t be possible to get any better than this!” I said those exact words to her and she chuckled.

So, I return to this:

2016-07-01 18.56.29-1

Extra mattress layer, extra pillow, sheets and down feather duvet.

2016-07-01 18.56.522016-07-01 18.56.562016-07-01 18.57.08-12016-07-01 18.57.462016-07-01 18.57.51

This is heaven.

Check out my pajamas below!

2016-07-01 22.48.30

*All photos were taken without the knowledge of my amazing K-Pop Super Star Flight Attendant because I was pretending I wasn’t a first-timer, so I acted all smooth and elegant while she was around, and then I’d take a million pictures of everything when she wasn’t. Lol. #keepinitcool #kpopstar #koreanairgastronomy #koreanairfirstclass #koreanairfood #koreanairbed #koreanairlosangeles #koreanairsaopaulo

Here are some #KoreanAirtakeoff videos from seat #1A:

#takeoff #lax