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Get Ready: The New “VERTIGO” Remake Poster is Out!!!

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This is the most anticipated remake of next year’s Summer Blockbuster Horror Film. Check out the brand new poster that’s been leaked today on the internet!
#filmhashtag #favorite #filmposter I’m going to post 1 poster of my favorite upcoming movie, no further details needed. They have to be blockbuster hits and must leave my frontal cortex for new sequels, prequels, reboots, and remakes.


The Battle of Winterfell and the Decline to the Finale

Or at least it’s how I saw it.

The Long Night was an incredible experience. A show/movie has never been as rewarding as waiting for nine years to reach this coveted moment. Yes, it was on the nose and we all knew what would happen to some characters – but it was also everything I longed to see.

I was fulfilled the Battle of Winterfell and I’m still dreaming of it.

Perhaps all the season’s budget went towards this third episode. The show hit its peak and the denouement suffered serious decline in plot, pace, and production value. It would probably be more satisfying if the series ended with The Battle of Winterfell, followed by Dany and Jon marrying and taking the throne, and leave that as the premise to the movie sequel or spin-offs. The show runners could’ve also enthused hardcore fans by fulfilling all theories and prophecies that roam through the web.

I imagined an alternate ending for the last three episodes of the final season to rescue back my cult following of the greatest show ever (until the second half of the last season).

It’s just a thought:

4th Episode, Season 8

Dany tries to “dracarys” both Jon and Tyrion for their betrayal, and the revelation that they are both Targaryen is witnessed by all when they don’t burn. We all knew about Jon, but Tyrion left a few easter eggs behind which never really concluded into anything. First, his mother died giving birth to him just like Jon and Dany. Second, he was the only other person who touched a dragon, and if the dragon has three heads, you could consider Tyrion the third.

If Tyrion is, in fact, the third Targaryen, he has the right to claim the throne over Dany and Jon because he would be Dany’s older brother.

Sansa and Tyrion are technically still married. They never officially divorced, so her marriage to Ramsay should’ve been annulled.

If Tyrion takes the throne, Sansa is Queen.

As King and Queen of the Seven Realms, they put Cersei on trial for her treason and she demands a trial by combat.

They care for each other, whether they die or survive.

Sansa and Tyrion in Crypts

5th Episode, Season 8

The Clegane Bowl theory is ignited.

The Mountain fights for Cersei and the Hound volunteers to fight against him. They commence their brutal combat. They die fighting each other and fall into the flames.

Dany’s wrath culminates into the massive destruction of the iron fleet and King’s landing. Jon is fighting the front lines asking the Unsullied and Dothraki to fall back. Arya is trying to remain alive beneath Dany’s rage. Yara and Euron kill each other. The Red Keep begins to fall apart and everyone runs for shelter. Jamie takes Cersei down to the cellars.

Cersei and Jamie are buried under the fallen kingdom.

Brienne is sad to see Jamie go with Cersei, but her loyalty is her priority, so she saves Sansa and Tyrion by shielding them from falling rocks.

6th Episode, Season 8, Finale

The city is destroyed. Dany walks to the throne as seen in her visions, in Season 2, at the House of the Undying.

Jon shows up and they look into each others eyes with love, even though he wasn’t happy about what Dany had done. They exchange a passionate kiss and Dany is stabbed from behind by Arya (the new Queen Slayer of a Mad Targaryen). Drogon shrieks but stands behind Jon. Jon cries over Dany but understands it had to be done and forgives Arya.

Tyrion and Sansa return to Winterfell as King and Queen of the North. Since Dany is gone, Missandei and Greyworm flee to Naath as they always planned. Jon leaves Drogon in Winterfell to protect his family, but ends up heading North with Ghost and the Free Folk.

Bran tells Arya to go west of Westeros so she doesn’t get sentenced for killing Dany. She is reunited with Nymiria on the path to her sailboat. She is wearing many different faces.

A new counsel is formed. Varys is alive (that incident with Dany roasting him never happened) and is serving the new King and Queen along with Bran, Brienne, Sam and Gendry. Gilly and little Sam are living in Winterfell, as well. Brienne writes about Jamie in the hand book.

Bran continues to warg but seems to be having some glitches. In a split second, Bran’s eyes turn blue and quickly go back to white (the never-ending hooks to all plots these days).

*The End – with many hooks for sequels, prequels, spinoffs, animated series, merch, theme park ride, etc.*

The Battle of Winterfell:
I painted my dream.

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Content War Era: How Spectators Became Casualties

Raise your hand if you’ve had enough of this content war nonsense, or at least read this to confirm I’m not alone.

First, let’s start with this “original” entitlement from all of the streaming platforms and services, which are merely acquiring any garbage that comes their way. Yes, garbage. I have watched an extensive amount of content and the only significance it brought to my mind was: the lost time I will never recover: a mind-“dumbing” regression; and ultimately, an insult to the intellect of any functioning brain out there.

I think my main problem pertains to Netflix. I hang onto it because I’ve been with it since its DVD days. When I used to get those Mad Men DVD’s in my mailbox, a couple at a time, the feeling was nothing but satisfying. Same as was the experience of going to Blockbuster and buying Haagen Daz ice cream, Sour Patch kids, and microwave popcorn with a soda. Very satisfying. And, the transition to online streaming with full access to almost all shows, that were previously available from all networks and distribution companies, was extremely satisfying. When Netflix began it’s glory days it was fun watching a new format of TV Shows, which I could stream all at once the day it premiered. Let alone the fact that they had huge names in the credits – as big as movie stars going from the big screen to the small screen, and not the usual way around. I was ecstatic.

For the past two or three years, I hit the unluckiest downward slope of wrong decisions in choosing what to watch on Netflix. This insane billion dollar spending to own original content to compete with everyone else, while being followed by example by other newcomers and streaming services, is disrupting the quality of the general content. And, therefore, ripping the value off of true, passionate filmmaking. For instance, have you seen Open House (2017)? How about Mute (2018)? Or Triple Frontier (2019)? The saddest part is the fact that all these movies have big budgets with incredible cast and crew.  It would be the equivalent of a filmmaker’s dream, in which every dreamer gets to make a movie. But wait, what about development? What about reading the script before starting production? It seems like everything is being greenlit with whoever holds the credentials, in a very quick turnaround period, making it almost impossible to develop the story into something magnificent. The most brilliant films took years for the writer-directors to conceive and craft as a masterpiece.

Now that the race is tightening with Disney+ coming in on hovercraft destruction mode, Netflix launched the never-before interactive episode of Black Mirror in an attempt to “innovate” on user experience. Idea – good. Idealism – high. Ideal – no. Let’s put it this way: if it’s hard enough as it is to create one episode or one movie, how could there possibly be five different storylines that perfectly intertwine with each other in order to change their direction into a new storyline. It is obvious that it would be more of a fun and subtle way to make you click buttons and assign certain commands, which give rise to feelings of satisfaction, similar to that of playing videogames. And in reality, you are just being guided through one storyline that diverts into tangents, only to take you back and make you repeat everything like Groundhog Day. I’ll give it A for effort, but D for the content. This, however, didn’t insult me as much as the new interactive show they released called Wild vs You.

In the first episode of Wild vs You, Bear Grylls is taking you on this cool adventure in the jungle and we need to help him save a woman in danger. It’s just like a theme park ride, just put on your 3D Glasses and embark on this family-fun adventure. You can help him by picking which insect he should eat, or if he should grab a rope or a slingshot, and guide him from crossing on a log to swinging from a vine. I felt a triple decade regression in my mind when all I could play on a black screen were green lines that I controlled by pressing up-down, left-right, and enter.

Dear Netflix,

Here is the solution to your interactive initiative: instead of spending millions in producing interactive content that insults our intelligence, try a partnership with the gaming industry and create a fusion of entertainment all-in-one platform. Hey kids, how about playing and watching Minecraft on Netflix? Fans of Zelda, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could watch an original Netflix movie and play the game of Zelda??

You’re welcome,

– Apfo Spaces

Let’s stop the content war. The spectators are the casualties.

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If Animals Tweeted

Lately, I have been obsessed with Blue Planet II, David Attenborough, and all things animal and BBC.

Sir David Attenborough makes my world a better place. I’m sure if you watch a marathon of Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life and all narrated by David Attenborough, your world will also become better and maybe even magical.

Animals are mesmerizing. I often wonder what they’d say if given a voice.

Here’s what I think –

I humbly present to you: Animal Tweets, The Cephalopods.

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Animal Tweets_01

How We’re Getting Dumber by the Social Minute

In 2018, most of the population in the world has access to the internet from either smartphones, or computers. And we can’t help but be constantly online.

To begin with the number one fact that is making us dumber, let’s talk about how every single technology gadget is built in with massive overloads of ads and algorithms that puppeteer us into what they want us to do, think, say, buy, etc. I’m so overwhelmed by all the pollution surrounding articles, videos, posts, emails…it goes on, infinitely. It’s all “tailored” to you, which means we think that’s what we like and want to read, see, or hear, but it’s really about how we can be controlled, driven, tested and pawned. I find myself looking at meaningless merchandise to purchase when I haven’t even gone through all my emails in the morning. I wake up with urges to want things I don’t even need! Do I really need all of this make-up, clothes, bathroom stuff, kitchen appliances and weight-loss programs? I barely have a sustainable job, given I am freelance in the film and entertainment industry, and most definitely don’t own a house for me to be desiring kitchen appliances and furniture. If we’re going to be used as social media lab rats, at least make it so we are earning enough to be able to purchase your products. Right? No, not necessarily. As long as we are followers, the main objective of leadership is to control. So, if we’re dumb and bankrupt, it’s ok as long as I believe that I’m being led by the future.

Two: If technology is supposed to help, why is it taking over and making us dumber? How many people use their own brains to memorize important numbers like birth dates, social security and your immediate family’s cell phone numbers? I find myself with my GPS on even when I know the directions. Actually, not only do I know my ways around the city, I also have excellent sense of direction. So why do I still keep the GPS on when I know the way? Because I’m getting dumber. Technology is helping me use my brain less and less. I don’t know how to calculate simple math with restaurant tabs, I don’t know how to reverse my car without a rear view camera anymore, and I no longer have instincts. If I’m going to almost scratch the sides of my car, then technology will alert me not to. This is good, but it’s also bad. I don’t think or have reflexes on my own anymore. I’m constantly being guided by technology.

Three: Social Media and the so-called “influencers”. Could this word be more inaccurate and pretentious? Sure, there are many people speaking their truths and opening up new paths for many voices to be heard. But, the ones who succeed the most are those who sell superfluous material to you without leaving you with any other meaningful wisdom, message, or values, other than “buy this.” The worst, yet best influencer to exemplify this is Logan Paul. I had no idea who this person was until all of my social medias directed me to his channel after creating one of the biggest controversies of the year. The paradox is: everyone is appalled by his actions during his recent trip to Japan, therefore we petition to have him removed from youtube, but simultaneously, we are redirecting new followers to his channel which already has its own millions. We can counter this with, “he’s not an influencer, he’s a Youtube celebrity,” but guys, really? This guy makes millions. Think about it.

Four: Social Media Content. Again, I’m not saying there isn’t good content out there, I’m just saying there’s a significant amount of bad content. The other day, this video showed up in my feed and it was called “Bonkers Closets” or something like that. It’s with this female presenter who goes to random rich women’s closets to showcase their grandioseness. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. It’s like MTV Cribs, except no famous artists, in a closet filled with excessiveness and unattainable aspirations of materialism that aren’t even tasteful. Yet, I still found myself watching this video I despise so much. My conclusion is: I’M getting dumber by the social minute. That should be the title.