How We’re Getting Dumber by the Social Minute

In 2018, most of the population in the world has access to the internet from either smartphones, or computers. And we can’t help but be constantly online.

To begin with the number one fact that is making us dumber, let’s talk about how every single technology gadget is built in with massive overloads of ads and algorithms that puppeteer us into what they want us to do, think, say, buy, etc. I’m so overwhelmed by all the pollution surrounding articles, videos, posts, emails…it goes on, infinitely. It’s all “tailored” to you, which means we think that’s what we like and want to read, see, or hear, but it’s really about how we can be controlled, driven, tested and pawned. I find myself looking at meaningless merchandise to purchase when I haven’t even gone through all my emails in the morning. I wake up with urges to want things I don’t even need! Do I really need all of this make-up, clothes, bathroom stuff, kitchen appliances and weight-loss programs? I barely have a sustainable job, given I am freelance in the film and entertainment industry, and most definitely don’t own a house for me to be desiring kitchen appliances and furniture. If we’re going to be used as social media lab rats, at least make it so we are earning enough to be able to purchase your products. Right? No, not necessarily. As long as we are followers, the main objective of leadership is to control. So, if we’re dumb and bankrupt, it’s ok as long as I believe that I’m being led by the future.

Two: If technology is supposed to help, why is it taking over and making us dumber? How many people use their own brains to memorize important numbers like birth dates, social security and your immediate family’s cell phone numbers? I find myself with my GPS on even when I know the directions. Actually, not only do I know my ways around the city, I also have excellent sense of direction. So why do I still keep the GPS on when I know the way? Because I’m getting dumber. Technology is helping me use my brain less and less. I don’t know how to calculate simple math with restaurant tabs, I don’t know how to reverse my car without a rear view camera anymore, and I no longer have instincts. If I’m going to almost scratch the sides of my car, then technology will alert me not to. This is good, but it’s also bad. I don’t think or have reflexes on my own anymore. I’m constantly being guided by technology.

Three: Social Media and the so-called “influencers”. Could this word be more inaccurate and pretentious? Sure, there are many people speaking their truths and opening up new paths for many voices to be heard. But, the ones who succeed the most are those who sell superfluous material to you without leaving you with any other meaningful wisdom, message, or values, other than “buy this.” The worst, yet best influencer to exemplify this is Logan Paul. I had no idea who this person was until all of my social medias directed me to his channel after creating one of the biggest controversies of the year. The paradox is: everyone is appalled by his actions during his recent trip to Japan, therefore we petition to have him removed from youtube, but simultaneously, we are redirecting new followers to his channel which already has its own millions. We can counter this with, “he’s not an influencer, he’s a Youtube celebrity,” but guys, really? This guy makes millions. Think about it.

Four: Social Media Content. Again, I’m not saying there isn’t good content out there, I’m just saying there’s a significant amount of bad content. The other day, this video showed up in my feed and it was called “Bonkers Closets” or something like that. It’s with this female presenter who goes to random rich women’s closets to showcase their grandioseness. Seriously, it’s ridiculous. It’s like MTV Cribs, except no famous artists, in a closet filled with excessiveness and unattainable aspirations of materialism that aren’t even tasteful. Yet, I still found myself watching this video I despise so much. My conclusion is: I’M getting dumber by the social minute. That should be the title.